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The Crazy Finn's Journal

Musings of a Distracted Mind.

The Crazy Finn
25 May 1977
Engineering Student, Model Builder, Professional Computer Geek, Fen, Amateur Photographer, Cyclist, Philosopher, Otaku.

Who am I? All of the above and more. But this LJ's now devoted to the model building side of things after languishing for over a year.

"Nothing encourages Substance Abuse quite like always having to deal with Other People's Problems." -jbotari

"There are very few personal problems that cannot be resolved by application of suitable quantities of duct tape." stolen from das's Userinfo.

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1/72, a6m, avro, bf109, boeing, brewster, chance-vought, condor legion, continuation war, corsair, curtis hawk, curtis warhawk, dornier, douglas aircraft, faa, faf, fairey, fock-wulf, fw190, gloster, gloster gladiator, gloster meteor, hawker, hellcat, hurricane, ilmavoimat, korean war, martin-baker, messerschmidt, mitsubishi zero, model airplanes, mustang, naa, north american aviation, raf, rcaf, sea fury, sir sydney camm, spanish civil war, spitfire, supermarine, tempest, thunderbolt, typhoon, usn, warbirds, winter war, ww2, yellow wings